Add Some Color to Your Golf Game with Colored Golf Balls

When we watched golf on TV, we always saw the same white golf ball being hit numerous times. What many of us didn’t know was that there are coloured golf balls. These golf balls are exactly the same as the original ones, and they exert the same performance level. Some of the pro golf players saw this trend coming, especially with all the personalization in sports. Before we get into coloured golf balls, let’s look into how golf balls came to be.

When the concept of golf was first introduced in the early sixteenth century, players would use a wooden ball. This ball was essentially a piece of wood that was sculpted into a round spherical ball. The process was quite simple and these wooden golf balls didn’t cost much at all. The carpenter would begin by taking a small cubic wood piece, and then using a sander like machine, he would bevel the edges till it became round. The only issue with the wooden ball was that it easily got ruined from all the hitting. After about ten swings, the wooden golf ball would be flat all around. It was later that they came up with another ball known as the Feathery. Using a bunch of wet feathers and leather, people made their own golf balls. These golf balls weren’t so easy to make at home, and only the companies with the machinery made them.

Since these new golf balls were so expensive, some of the regular players stopped playing the sport. In many cases, golf was being recognized as a sport for the wealthy. About two hundred years down the road, the golf balls got a new look. This is when the modern golf ball was introduced. The golf ball has always been known to be white in color. However, in recent years, many people have looked into getting coloured golf balls. Coloured golf balls are great, as they are easier to see while in the air. A white ball is much harder to see while it is being shot at incredible speeds.

If you are playing on a perfect green field, having a green ball could be the wrong approach. One of the goals behind the coloured golf ball was that it would be easier on the eye. Another benefit was for those watching from home on their television. Looking after a white ball in the air is extremely hard when it is being filmed. So, why don’t you get in on the trend and buy some coloured golf balls.

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